1. Authority is the power to give orders. As a Christian, you can only order the enemy and his cohorts when you know whom you are in Christ Jesus. As a result, you must know whom you are in Christ Jesus. The enemy must not defeat you in life. He may attack you, but he should not defeat you. Defeat is not your portion. From today, you have to make laws in your life.

Make these confessions: I have authority in Christ Jesus. I have power to give orders in the name of Jesus. I refuse to be defeated by the enemy. I refuse to be defeated by the powers of darkness. Every wicked power, trying to defeat me, die. I refuse to be defeated.

Ecclesiastes 8:4 “Where the word of a king is, there is power: and who may say unto him, What doest thou?”

The verse above indicates that a king is powerful and cannot be questioned. So as a king/queen in Christ, the enemy cannot question your authority. Though he might attack you, you need to learn how to use your declarations. For example when you become sick, you need to make this declaration: “Satan, you cannot attack my body, for my body is the temple of God, not that of infir­mities. I refuse to be sick”. You can also command your body to reject infirmities. You can say, “My body refuse to be sick. My body refuse to be sick. My body refuse to be down with any sickness in the name of Jesus. Sickness, my body is not your portion, die.”26

  1. Authority is the power to make decisions. Note that victory begins from the kind of decisions we make. Therefore, Christians must decide to pros­per in whatever they do. You need to make certain decisions from today. This is because when you make those decisions, they will certainly come to pass. I command you to prosper. No demon can destroy your prosperity. Declare: I make a decision today to prosper in all I do.

There is a power called Herod that destroys things from their inception. When Jesus was born, Herod wanted to kill him. Because of the anointing on this ministry, Herod power is bound in your life. You are rich from today.

Moreover, the believer must not be poor so refuse to be poor. Make these confessions: “I refuse to be poor. I reign over poverty from today. I reign over my troubles in the mighty name of Jesus. I reign over infirmities from today in the name of Jesus. I reign over shame in the name of Jesus.”

  1. Authority is the power to enforce obedience. Whether your enemies like it or not, beginning from today, they will obey you. Beginning from today, barrenness will bow to you. Poverty will bow you. Witches will bow to you whether they like it or not.

Declare: I crash household witchcraft under my feet in the name of Jesus. Every witch in my family, whether you like it or not, you must obey me beginning from today. Witches, stop your operations against my life.27

The enemy is afraid of your position in Christ Jesus. According to the Bible, you have been seated far above principalities and powers (1 John 4:4). You are seated with Christ in the heavenly places.

Ephesians 2: 6 states, “And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus”. Christians are seated with Christ in heavenly places. Hence, Christians must know our worth and position in Christ Jesus. Make these confessions: I am far above principalities and powers. I am seated far above sickness. I am seated far above barrenness. I am seated far above ulcer. Barrenness is not my match. Beginning from today, I refuse to be barren. My womb refuse to be barren.

Since you are far above witches, you do not have to be afraid of them. Witches are not your match, so they must obey you when you command them. This is because believers have the mandate to rule and reign over this earth. You are far above juju powers. I command every juju power, working against your life to die. The Bible says that through Jesus Christ, we shall reign this life. Though some Christians are of the view that we will reign after this life, which is true, the Bible does not necessarily say that in Romans 5:17. Believers have been mandated to rule on earth. Reign over your family. Subdue the witches in your family.

Confessions: I am reigning here. I am reigning over my circumstances. I am reigning over my troubles I am reigning over challenges. Holy Ghost, fire confront my confronters. Holy Ghost fire, challenge my challengers. I am reigning 28

over this life. Enemies in my family, I subdue all of you, die. Enemies in my family, you must obey me die.

Christians must enforce the devil’s defeat on the cross of Calvary. This implies that your barrenness/chal­lenges was/were defeated a long time ago. I decree that, a year by this time, you will be carrying your baby (twins) if you are desperately in need of a child.

Christians are God’s battle axe through which He battles the enemy. God has programmed you to enforce the defeat of the enemy on the cross of Calvary. I over­throw every enemy reigning in every aspect of your life in the name of Jesus. I overthrow every govern­ment of the enemy in your life in the name of Jesus. Let the reign of the enemy over your body, marital affairs, die. Your bad luck is gone forever. Your disfavour is gone forever. Your disappointments are gone forever. Every reign of the enemy over your life is dead. Make this confession: Every reign of the enemy over my life, I rebel against you; die.

To reign means to be a king or a queen in a coun­try. As a Christian, you are the child of the Lion of Judah. So when you wake up in the morning, you have to see yourself as a lion which is awake. You are a superman. This is one truth in the word of God. You have to realise that certain truths in the Bible are left untold because of the ideologies certain Christians have formed for themselves. As a result, the truth of Christians’ authority to reign over this earth is not understood by some Christians. According to the bible, the believer is a partaker of the divine nature of God. 29

Hence, the nature of God cannot be sick. God cannot be sick. Declare the following: I am a king/queen in my domain. I am a king/queen in my country. I am a king/queen in my family. I refuse to be sick because the nature of God is present in me. I am a carrier of the nature of God. I am not an ordinary being. I carry the divine nature of God in me.

You are not ordinary, but extraordinary. That is why during prayer sessions, I encourage believers to shout and pray with the voice of a lion. No animal can stop the lion. Note that anyone who believes in the anoint­ing on MOGPA is covered by the grace on the ministry. This grace is the grace of increase, prosperity and abun­dance. It is also unstoppable, and unchallengeable. From today, your small beginning will be expanded. The more this ministry’s critics speak evil against it, the more God increases the miracles in the ministry. No one can challenge God who is working through this ministry. Your attendance to church meetings will not be in vain. You will surely receive your heart desire. You will surely receive your miracle.

Declare: “Whatever I do will prosper because I possess the anointing of God. Every word I speak is under the anointing of God. I am a king/queen of my country. I am a sign and a wonder to my world. The impossible is possible to me.”

Analyse this revelation: impossibility is the talk of imma­ture people. Let us consider these scenarios; pupils in kindergarten are told that a bigger number cannot be subtracted from a smaller one. Therefore, it is impos­sible to do that in their world. However, students in the High School are taught that it is possible to

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