1 Kings 3:25 “And the king said, ‘divide the living child into two, and give half to one, and half to the other’”.

The purpose of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy the lives of believers continues unabated. The only change is that he has modified his ways in order to lure many believers. What the enemy does is that, if he is not able to take all you have away from you, he will try and share what you have with you. As a child of God, you should never share your glory with the enemy no matter what he does in the name of Jesus. When one prostitute slept on her child and killed him, she sought to seek leverage by first exchanging the dead child for the live one belonging to the other woman. When she saw that taking the live baby was not possible, she then sought that the king kills the live one and shares him amongst them. That is how wicked and ruthless the enemy is when it comes to taking what belongs to you the believer. The woman was prepared to watch a live baby killed just to get leverage with the other woman. As a believer, you should never allow the enemy to share your glory with you in name of Jesus. Never forget that the enemy is always looking for ways to take what belongs to you, but you must not allow it in the name of Jesus. You must rise up in prayer and protect what belongs to you in the name of Jesus. You must not give any foothold to the enemy in your life so that he cannot touch anything which is yours in the name of Jesus. You are to diligently guard your blessings and not allow them to be taken away or shared with the enemy in the name of Jesus.

Confession for Today

I decree and declare never to give room to the enemy in my life and never allow him to share my glory with me in the mighty name of Jesus.

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