Philippians 4:6,7

It is my prayer that no matter the challenges facing your life right now the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will flood your soul right now in the mighty name of Jesus!
No matter the happenings in our world today, it is my prayer that as a member of this commission, God will calm your heart with His peace that surpasses all understanding in the mighty name of Jesus!
I command every plan of the enemy to steal your peace from you to be frustrated right now in the mighty name of Jesus!
Whatever is working to steal your peace from you is under arrest right now in Jesus’ name!

Don’t let anxiety grip your heart; for anxiety in the heart of man causes depression.
When you entertain anxiety in your heart it will cause you to be depressed, and when you are depressed, you shall be oppressed by the forces of darkness.
To be anxious means to be afraid of something; it means to be afraid about what may happen.
You become anxious when you perceive danger; you become anxious when you hear bad news, like that of coronavirus.
When you perceive danger all around you, you shall become anxious (anxiety will grip your heart).
Don’t let the happenings around you take a hold of your mind.
Don’t let the afflictions confronting your life stress you out; what you have to do is to take everything to God in prayer.
Do not be anxious about the things happening around you.
Do not be anxious about the evils happening to others.
Don’t entertain anxiety in your heart as a child of God.

I command every depression over your life to be shifted away right now in the mighty name of Jesus!
I command the powers using the news of coronavirus disease to depress you to be arrested right now in the mighty name of Jesus!

It’s true that you are facing challenges here and there; it’s true that this world is filled with bad news everywhere, but we are not left without a helper as children of God.

Your help is from above; don’t look to any man for help; look to God for help; that’s the reason for prayer.
If you want to enjoy the peace of God in this troubled world, you must learn to take your case to God in prayer.
If you want to enjoy the peace of God in times of challenges, you must learn to be a man or a woman of prayer.

What is causing you to be afraid dear child of God?

Papa God knows that fear will certainly follow feelings of danger, that’s why we are
being strengthened in the word of God not to be afraid or anxious, but to put our faith in God.

What is that thing that is getting you anxious and afraid?
Why are you troubled and disturbed as one without hope?

As a child of God there’s hope for your future.
Jeremiah 29:11
Don’t walk around and talk as if there’s no hope for you.
Don’t think like the others as someone without hope.
Don’t bow to the enemy (sicknesses and fear) as someone without hope.
No matter what is happening in the world currently, there’s hope for you.
God is committed to the protection of His own.
What is affecting the world are not our portion.
You must never bow to the intentions of the enemy concerning you.
Don’t bow to whatever is from the world of darkness.
You must be strong and not be afraid.

Three (3) keys from Philippians 4:6 that can take you out of anything troubling your life:

James 5:13
Prayer is the solution to the afflictions in your life.

Asking God for help; asking God to intervene in your case.

If you are not careful, the happenings around you will stop you from praising God and appreciating His goodness over your life.

If you can pray, petition God and give thanks to Him always, no matter your predicament, the Lord by His power will take you out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Spend time with your Bible to ensure that your faith is always in place.
Don’t let the fear of tomorrow grip your destiny.
Prayer can take you out of every situation, no matter the name.
Don’t let any situation get you anxious and terrified.
You have a God that’s big enough to back you up to overcome your fears.
We are told from the Bible to always pray when we are in trouble.
Prayer is the only solution to what the world is experiencing right now.
Always make your requests known to God.
Let prayer be your lifestyle.
Say NO to anxiety, fear, worry, depression and demonic thoughts.
Choose what you want to think; because your imagination is very powerful.
No matter the situation, pray and petition God and thank Him in advance for answering your prayers.

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