Romans 10:17

Faith emanates from God’s word; faith is the product of the word of God.
The word of God is the word of faith.
Romans 10:8
How much of the word of God you have in your spirit will determine your level of faith in God.
Without the word of God in your heart you will be faithless.
To be faithless means to be without the word of God in your heart.
What you hear and believe about God will determine your faith in Him.
Your perception of God will determine His manifestations in your life.
What you think of God will determine His manifestations in your life.
Mark 5:25-34
The Master healed the woman with the issue of blood because the woman had faith.
You receive from God by faith.
The woman with the issue of blood for 12 years received her healing from Jesus because she had faith.
The woman heard about Jesus and as a result of that her faith was increased to receive from the Lord.
The woman heard of the power of Jesus and what she heard generated faith in her.
The word of God will always generate faith in your heart.
The word of God is a generator of faith.
The word of God will always produce faith in your heart, and it will take your faith for you to be healed of your sicknesses.
It will take your faith for that miracle you desire to manifest speedily.

What have you chosen to listen to currently?
What do you hear always?
Are you sure that what you have chosen to listen is producing faith in you?

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the news everywhere is producing fear in the hearts of people and this is causing hopelessness everywhere.
But in Christ Jesus there’s hope for you.
Stay with your Bible to generate faith in your heart so that you will be able to live the overcoming life designed for you by Divinity.
1 John 5:4
As a child of God the overcoming life is your portion, but it will take your faith to overcome.
You are not a victim but a victor as a child of God.
The happenings in our world are not supposed to subdue your life as a covenant child of God.
Faith is the victory over sicknesses and diseases and anything that is from the camp of the enemy to overwhelm you.
You increase your faith through the word of God.

What have you heard about God?
Have you not heard of His miraculous deeds and power to save?

No matter the afflictions in this world Papa God can deliver you by faith.
In spite of the current state of affairs in the nations due to coronavirus disease, God can deliver you by faith.
It’s your duty to develop your faith and ensure that your faith is always in place.
When faith is in place anything is possible.
You must have this faith in your heart that no matter what is going on around you, with God on your side your victory is guaranteed.
Don’t allow the devil to put you down.
Don’t allow the news you’ve been hearing to put you down, for God is on your side.
Job 22:29

I prophesy a lifting up over your life in the mighty name of Jesus!

Do not allow your predicaments to destroy your life.
Don’t allow that challenge facing you right now to destroy your life, for God is with you to always deliver you.
Always say and believe what you want to see happen in your life.
Prophesy always the things you want to see happen in your life.
Don’t entertain fear in your heart; for fear has torment.
Don’t forget that your confession is your possession.
Stay with the Word of God always so that your faith will always be in place.
Because if you are empty of the word of God you shall be empty of faith.
Without faith you are vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy.

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