Mark 4:35 “On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, ‘let us cross over to the other side’”.

One thing you should never do as a believer is to relax on your laurels. You must always be hungry to strive for more and not be comfortable. One reason why many Christians do not achieve greatness in life is that they tend to relax at the least achievement they chalk in life. Jesus was one person who never relaxed on His laurels, but was always willing to take His message of GOOD NEWS to new territories. According to the scripture for today, Jesus preached to the multitudes at the banks of the sea in parables. When night came, instead of relaxing, He asked that they cross to the other side of the sea. Jesus wanted to carry His message to new territories at all times and win them over for the Kingdom of God. He never felt He had done enough but was always willing to move to new territories. That should be your mind-set as a believer. You should always strive for more and never feel comfortable in your little achievement. Many Christians are not rising up to the level of greatness that God has ordained for their lives as a result of complacency. They become very comfortable with the little success or achievements they chalk and tend to relax. By so doing, they limit the extent to which God would have taken them by their behaviour. Note that there are always more untapped places you could venture into by way of business, new territories you can enter by way of soul winning or new things you can try your hands at by way or skills acquisition. Jesus was willing to go to the other side after finishing His work on the side of the sea; He did not relax and so should you. We shall continue tomorrow.

Confession for Today

I decree and declare never to be comfortable with my present achievements, but aspire for more in the name of Jesus.

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