Psalm 91:2 “I will say of the Lord, ‘He is my refuge and my fortress, My God, in Him I will trust’”.
One thing believers should never lose sight of is that our words are our manifestations. Words are powerful and you shall eat of the words which proceed out of your mouth. When it comes to your relationship with God as a believer, what you say of the Lord goes a long way to determine what you will receive from Him. What you say of the Lord determines the happenings in your life as a believer. According to the Psalmist in today’s scripture, the Lord is his refuge and his fortress. With the Lord being his refuge and fortress, he can put his absolute trust in Him. As a user of this devotional guide and a born again believer, what do you say of the Lord? Is the Lord your refuge and fortress? Is He your healer and provider? Is He your creator and your source of life or what is the Lord to you? What you say of the Lord is what will manifest in your life. What you say of the Lord will determine what God will be in your life as His loving child. You cannot say that the Lord is your refuge and strength and put your trust in material things, any person, power and authority. You cannot say that the Lord is the healer and your protector and act contrary to your proclamations. Let your proclamations of the Lord be made manifest in your actions. God will be whatever you want Him to be in your life. He is ever ready to become your healer, provider, refuge and strength amongst many others. The choice is yours to make as a believer. The big question you have to answer for yourself today as a user of this devotional guide is what do I say of the Lord.
Confession for Today
I decree and declare that I will always say of the Lord that He is my refuge and strength and will put my total trust in Him in the mighty name of Jesus.