Rev Isaac Osei-Bonsu, popularly referred to as Rev OB, is a Ghanaian preacher and founder of the Moments of Glory Prayer Army. Rev OB is seen as a revivalist whose ministry has brought out the awakening of the Body of Christ to prayer in Ghana and around the globe. His passion as a young preacher was to pray for revival in the Body of Christ, not knowing God was preparing him to lead such a revival in the nations.

Today's Bible Verse

Confession for Today

Proverbs 4:27 “Do not turn to the right or the left; remove your foot from evil”.

Focusing your life will have three important consequences: 1- You will stay on the right road without getting lost along the way.  In life we ​​are often pulled in all sorts of different directions, wasting our energy and time trying to accomplish many things that don’t really matter.  The writer Don Marquis said: “Our world is full of people who have no idea what they want and who will do anything to get it!”  The Bible, for its part, tells us: “Let your eyes look straight ahead… and do not deviate from your path, either to the right or to the left…” (Proverbs 4:26- 27).  2- You increase your energy potential!  

Trying to accomplish too many things will sap your energy reserves, just as much as staying put and trying nothing will!  Focusing your energy will renew it.  An American Army commander once said: “Very few men succeed in exhausting the treasures of energy which reside within them.  Deep within us lies an almost inexhaustible well whose waters are almost never used!”  One of the reasons these resources remain unexplored is our lack of focus.  The human spirit is incapable of great achievements if it is not motivated by a precise and clearly defined purpose.  3- You will be lifted by a wave that nothing can stop!  Someone has said that the world will do nothing to hinder the progress of those who know where they are going.  

Amidst the sea of ​​mediocrity that surrounds us, knowing what you want to achieve in life and fighting for it will separate you from others.  Henry Thoreau said: “Can you tell me of a single human being who devoted his entire life and expended all his energy to achieve a particular goal and failed in his quest?  If a man sacrifices everything to achieve his dream, is he not successful?”  Even if your quest is only to develop your character, it will elevate you above the crowd, whether you achieve great things or not.  Trust God; focus your life on the essential and a new horizon will open before you!

Confession for Today

I decree and declare not to entertain anything that will derail my goals in the mighty name of Jesus.