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saved from itching

//saved from itching

saved from itching

Am Amanda in Accra. Rev. I joined MOGPA just a month ago but God has done what Doctors couldn’t do in 13years. I opened a restaurant 3 months ago. For the first month business was normal but after a month things became rough. Sometimes the whole day not even one customer hmmmmm so a friend introduced me to MOGPA n just within two weeks i started experiencing my miracle. I have been itching after bathing since JHS. I was 13 years by then and am 31 years now.

I have been to hospitals n I never finished any of the drugs they gave me because i don’t like taking medicine. When i started praying with You anytime u ask us to receive our healing by touching our radio what comes to my mind is “Lord my skin let it go” after one week i decided to bath could water because there was no gas to boil water. Rev surprisingly i did not itch that day and all i said was thank You Jesus for healing me. Since then I’ve been bathing cold water and i don’t itch.

The second one is AMA delegates came to my restaurant last week Thursday(27/11/2014) saying i have to pay 300 cedis as AMA registration fee. I had 300 cedis i was bringing to Abrankese the next day to pray over it and reinvest into my business so that God will reconstruct my business through that money. That 28th at the land of possibilities was my first day. I presented my prayer request and my seed. On 2nd December the AMA delegates came and to make a long story short they did not take 300 but 150 Ghana cedis. Ablaze….. I believe that God will do the rest. We will MOGPA for life. I thank God. God bless U Rev.

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