Genesis 25:32-33 “And Esau said, ‘look, I am about to die; so what is this birthright to me?’ And Jacob said, ‘swear to me as of this day’. So he swore to him, and sold his birthright to Jacob”.
The desire of every child of God is to live to portray his glorious destiny in Christ Jesus. But that is not the case with most believers. This is because they are more focused on satisfying the flesh than the spirit. You should never forget that you are a spirit being, have a soul and live in a body. When you are armed with this truth, you will not live to satisfy your flesh which perishes after you die; but satisfy your spirit-man which will be judged by God. Esau in his effort to satisfy his flesh, did not think of the spiritual and physical consequences by selling his birthright for a pot of soup. Those who are focused on satisfying their flesh only live for today forgetting the long term effects of their actions. As a believer, you should be more focused on living to satisfy your spirit man and not your flesh. Your flesh is made of dust and will surely remain here, but your spirit will appear before God in judgment. Imagine what would have happened to the lineage of Esau had he not in his quest to satisfy his flesh sold his birthright. The nation Israel came out of his brother Jacob and that could have been him. As a believer, you must not trade off your colourful destiny in Christ by satisfying your flesh to the detriment of your spirit. You must be more focused on satisfying the spirit more than anything else in life. Like Esau, do not trade off your colourful destiny by looking to live for today. Live with eternity in mind by feeding or satisfying your spirit at all times and not your flesh.
Confession for Today
I decree and declare that I will not satisfy my fleshy desires but only my spirit in the name of Jesus.