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Ida Mogpa Ireland started on the 30th of August, 2014 at the Killarney Court Community Centre in Dublin, Republic Of Ireland. It was founded with 24 members but today by the grace and mercies of God, our numbers keep increasing. All glory to God. The God of Mogpa has and keeps proving himself great and mighty in our midst, which has resulted in countless number of testimonies. The finger of God has turned the impossibilities in the lives of many of our members into possibilities.

There has been turn around in areas such as immigration issues, health restoration, debt cancellations and the breaking of bondages. God has blessed us with six (6) gorgeous Mogparian babies. All glory be to God.  One baby was miraculously conceived when the mum visited Abrankese after 13 years of seeking for the fruit of the womb. The finger of God is constantly at work in our midst.

Mogpa Ireland since its establishment has encountered many setbacks and challenges but our God who said in Matthew 16:18 that ” …I will build my Church and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it”, has proven himself faithful.

The Moments Of Glory Prayer Army, is like a dream come true for many of us whose heartbeat is in line with Lamentations 5:21 ”…Renew our days as of old”. We are now enjoying the benefits of being able to pray effectively for hours, experiencing God through  powerful night vigils and being feed with pure unadulterated Word Of God, under the leadership of a man whose heart desire is to draw many back to God. God has really demonstrated through Mogpa that He reigns in the affairs of men.

We thank our Daddy, Rev. Isaac Osei Bonsu, for his humility, love and selfless dedication to our generation in this end times and for giving Mogpa Ireland the opportunity to be part of this great family and army. To our mummy, Mrs Anita Osei Bonsu, we say thank you so much for sharing Daddy with us. This is really a great sacrifice and it is only God who can reward you. It’s our prayer that Our Father in Heaven will meet you at the point of your every need. May God continue to bless, empower, protect and defend our Daddy and Mogpa worldwide.

Aside the spiritual aspect, we are also committed to the wellbeing of our members, and as such see ourselves as one big family. We currently meet once every month at the City Of God Church Unit 33 D, Slaney Road, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevine, Dublin. If you are in Ireland or happen to visit Ireland, why not join us as we seek the face of God, for God to do what only He can do in our lives. May God bless us all. ABLAZE…….FOR GOD.


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Fri. 1st APRIL 2016


The City Of God Church Unit 33 D,

Slaney Road,

Dublin Industrial Estate,

Glasnevine, Dublin