The Beginning Of The Journey

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”  –  1 Chronicles 7:14

Some years ago, a young Isaac Osei-Bonsu dreamt and saw Jesus marking his forehead; he was being marked out among two other people for the Lord’s purpose.

The Moments of Glory Prayer Army (MOGPA), under the leadership of Rev. Isaac Osei-Bonsu, started as a radio broadcast on Kessben FM dubbed “Moment of Glory” in April 2011, with the aim of ‘winning souls into the Kingdom of God, fostering unity among believers, establishing them in the word and in prayer, equipping the saints for the work of the ministry, helping the needy in society, as well as helping believers to unlock their imprisoned potentials’. As the radio broadcast was ongoing, God mandated His servant to start the Saturday Prayer Meetings. The first meeting was held at the Dufie Conference Hall, Adum-Kumasi on the 24th of September, 2011 with 240 believers. The 2nd and 3rd meetings were held at the same venue with the number overwhelmingly increasing. Subsequent meetings were held at Prempeh College, Apatakesease, and then to the Jubilee Park in Kumasi due to the increasing number of believers in attendance at the meetings.

The ministry’s first office was located on the first floor of ‘’The House of Prayer’’ building adjacent Aseda House, Adum-Kumasi, where believers trooped to register as members of this growing ministry. The office was moved to a nearby building before settling at Hall of Glory, Adum. 

In September 2012 Rev. Isaac Osei-Bonsu started the famous Red Hot Prayer Meeting at the Dufie Conference Hall at Adum-Kumasi. The meeting moved to Hall of Glory, Promising Stars Hotel, and then to the Apatakesease, at the Centre for National Culture in Kumasi.


The Baba Yara Explosion

Kumasi felt the full force of the move of God in MOGPA in 2013 when two historic meetings were held at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium. Never had the said stadium, with a seating capacity of 55,000 been filled to the overflow in such an exceeding manner, as more than 12,000 chairs arranged at the overflow at the Heroes’ Park weren’t enough to cater for the more than 70,000 people who attended each of the meetings.

It suddenly became clear to the doubters and naysayers that neither their evil declarations nor the forces of hell could stop the move of God in MOGPA.

Subsequent Meetings

Suddenly no auditorium in Kumasi could contain the crowd that trooped to MOGPA meetings, and the Anane Boateng Sports Stadium, Abrankese became the permanent meeting place for the watchnight services for quite a while. MOGPA meetings became the place to go for an encounter with the limitless power of God, as believers travelled from various parts of the country to our bi-monthly meetings.

School Of Ministry Formed

The MOGPA School of Ministry was established in the year 2013, and the first batch of students graduated and were ordained after months of biblical studies and training. The School, which is affiliated to the International School of Ministry (ISOM), trains and prepares students to be faithful and able ministers of the Gospel of Christ.

MOGPA Intercessory Team Formed

The year 2013 brought about the birth of the MOGPA Intercessory Team, which later became the MOGPA Warriors. New converts with no denominations gathered at the Hall of Glory on Wednesdays and Sundays to be taught the undiluted word of God and nurtured to grow in the grace of God.

Meeting Places

The MOGPA Intercessory Team grew in membership rapidly so much that we moved from its first meeting place to the Hall of Glory in the Liberty House Building, with members occupying spaces at the corridors of the storey building and downstairs. By this time, every available space was good enough for the people to hear the word of faith being preached with demonstrations of signs, wonders and diverse miracles.

The Spread Out – Ghana (Local Outreaches)

The rapid growth of Mogparians in the Greater Accra region coupled with their desire to enjoy the anointed teachings of the mouthpiece of God, Rev. Isaac Osei – Bonsu led to the inauguration of the Accra – Dome branch of the MOGPA Warriors in July of 2015. The Tema and Legon branches were later formed. Cape Coast, Takoradi, Sunyani, Obuasi, Koforidua, Dunkwa, Tarkwa, Tamale, Wa, and Konongo all had their MOGPA Warriors’ branches established.

The Spread Out – European Annexation

Our God is not limited by continental boundaries, and for that matter, the spread out could not be limited by geographical boundaries. The first foreign MOGPA branch, MOGPA – UK was inaugurated in September 2013. Mogparians in the United Kingdom started meeting regularly at the Northumberland Community School, Worcester Avenue, Tottenham – London, as they held their services live on air with the servant of God, Rev OB. The number of branches in the United Kingdom increased to three; namely MOGPA – Tottenham, MOGPA – Birmingham and MOGPA-Milton Keynes branches. The Manchester Branch was later formed to make it four branches in UK.

History was made in the year 2017 as Rev. Isaac Osei – Bonsu became the first Ghanaian minister of God to hold a service at the most renowned Excel in the United Kingdom. The two – day programme recorded several miracles, with a staunch occult giving his life to Christ, the lame walking, and souls receiving deliverance from various forms of afflictions.

The Netherlands, Italy, Norway, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, and Ireland branches of the ministry were also established to cap off the European annexation.

The Spread Out - The American Invasion

North America would not be left out of the fire of God that was blowing over the world through the MOGPA Commission, and that fire swept through New York, Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Toronto, and Calgary, with branches of the MOGPA Commission being established there.

The American invasion culminated in the first ever MOGPA North American Conference in August 2018 at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in New Jersey. The barren conceived, the lame walked, the blind received their sight, and the name of the lord was lifted above all at the Deliverance Conference.

MOGPA TV (formerly – Aseda TV) and MOGPA TV Plus

Aseda TV began operations as the official television station of MOGPA in 2014, with the mission of carrying the fire of God to the ends of the world via cable network. Now known as MOGPA TV, the list of programmes aired includes: MOGPA Time, Word of Transformation, Testimony Hour, Atmosphere of Worship, Dumbfounding Testimonies, MOGPA News in Brief, Music Break, Testimony Break, and many other Spirit-filled programmes. MOGPA TV and MOGPA TV Plus are available on Amos Channel 17 and Intelsat 20, and there have been numerous testimonies of people encountering the power of God in the comfort of their homes by watching MOGPA TV and MOGPA TV Plus.

Greater Accra Conferences

In an unprecedented move of the Holy Ghost, Mogparians filled the Black Stars Square, formerly The Independence Square to an enormous overflow at the maiden edition of the MOGPA Greater Accra Conference in September of the year 2019, as people from all over the world flowed into the Mountain of MOGPA. It was a gathering of saints like never before; a wonderful display of the magnificence of our God, and a heaven on earth experience that few have been privileged enough to witness.

The oppressed received deliverance and captives were set free from the entanglements of the enemy, and the demonic covenants hindering the lives of the people of God were all broken for them to manifest their ordained destinies through the ministration of deliverance by Reverend Isaac Osei-Bonsu. There was mass deliverance at the Black Stars Square, as believers received liberation from the captivity of the enemy. The barren women were also empowered to conceive supernaturally at the maiden edition of the Greater Accra Conference.


The God of MOGPA, who is the same God who parted the Red Sea for the Israelites in the days of old, is a specialist in doing what seems impossible to men. Signs, wonders, and miracles have been and continue to be recorded on daily basis in MOGPA due to the Spirit-led ministrations of Rev. Isaac Osei-Bonsu. The dominant grace upon this great commission is the grace of fruitfulness, making barrenness flee at the mere mention of MOGPA. 39 years, 34 years, 27, 24, 22, 21 and several years of barrenness have all been terminated in MOGPA to the glory of God. Terminal diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and various forms of cancer have all given way to the healing power of God at work in God’s servant Rev. Isaac Osei-Bonsu. Women without tubes and several others with blocked tubes have all conceived through the MOGPA Commission to the glory of God.

Atheists, prostitutes, drunkards, and Rastafarians have all encountered the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ through Rev Isaac Osei-Bonsu. Countless souls have been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light through the ministry of Rev Isaac Osei-Bonsu. The testimonies have indeed been uncountable.

The MOGPA City – See What The Lord Has Done

Then came the prophetic move into MOGPA City, the City of Limitless Possibilities, aka the Mountain of Testimonies. The ministry acquired over 100-acre land at Mfensi in the Atwima Nwabiagya North District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana for the development of the city that would house the international headquarters of the ministry. Work began and progressed speedily, and several projects were done concurrently on the land. Hostels, offices, Medical Centre, cafeteria, conference halls, and the Hall of Glory were among several projects that were being undertaken.

The dedication of the magnificent Hall of Glory was held on 28th October 2018 in a splendid manifestation of the glory of God, and we moved permanently from Adum to the MOGPA City.