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God of Mogpa gave me twins

//God of Mogpa gave me twins

God of Mogpa gave me twins

Ablaze!!!! Hi daddy my name is Jennifer from Canada and I have a big testimony to share. I started praying with Mogpa for about 2 years ago but I wasn’t on daily. There was a day you said to put our hands on our stomach and receive babies so I did it in faith. About 6-8 months later I got pregnant I was really happy because I have been trying with my husband for about 2 years although we have an older daughter. Then one day I bled a little and decided to go for a check up when I went the doctor checked me and told me that Jennifer everything is okay I say all 2 heart beats working and both babies are fine!! I suddenly got up from the bed and asked the doctor what 2 babies and he said yea you have twins!! Wow that was one of the happiest day of my life.

I kept it to myself and also emailed you to remember me in prayers. My mother got a lot of prophecies concerning my babies and there were alot of eyes on them too, but I kept it to myself and prayed with Mogpa throughout my pregnancy. Glory be to God it was a safe pregnancy and a safe delivery I was blessed with two bouncing babies. One girl and one boy how great is God I don’t have no twins in my family and just by your guidance in prayers I received this amazing blessing I still can’t believe it. Usually twins are born very small or with a little problem but not my Mogpa babies they came out very big 7 lbs each and very beautiful I wish I can show you them they are beautiful herhhhhhh!!!!! God u are so good. Thank you to Mogpa!! What I have to say is anyone that wants a baby or blessing Mogpa is the place to be if you don’t want triplet or twins don’t repeat those words because once you do you will get it hahaha God bless you Rev.OB I’m very thankful

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