2 Corinthians 9:8-11 points out that God can make all grace/favours abound to us so that we would be self-sufficient. I command diverse kinds of favours to your life from today in the name of Jesus. God does not want His people to be financially dependent on anything or anyone in this world. He does not want us to look to the government as our source of finances (prosperity). He does not want you, looking to your rich relatives for your needs.

Philippians 4:19 says, “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”. This scripture indicates that God can make all favours and grace available to you so that you become self-sufficient. God wants us to look up to Him as our only source of prosperity. This is because He alone can liberate us from the chains of poverty. Note that poverty is a spirit so no man-made program/principle can deliver one from its clutches. As a result, look to God only for your prosperity/blessings. It is not flattery that the Bible says that the blessings of God are your portion. It is the truth; it is reality. When you believe it, you are surely going to become it. May you possess enough to require no aid.

God does not want us to borrow money from others/ the bank. This is because Deuteronomy 28:12 says that you will lend to nations. If this word is true, then it is wrong to borrow money. I declare that you will not borrow money from today. I cast out the spirit of borrowing from your life. I cast out the spirit of 13

begging for money from your life. God Himself wants to supply all our needs for every good work; that is, to bless others through charitable deeds. You shall be a blessing from today in the name of Jesus.

As a Christian, you must go to God for all your financial needs. God is rich. He owns the whole world. According to the bible, we are heirs of God (Romans 8:17) and joint-heirs with Christ. In Christ, we are co-heirs with God. Whatever belongs to Christ belongs to us. This implies that the whole world is for you. You are the owner of this world. Money is your portion. The Bible says that silver and gold are God’s (Haggai 2:8). I am anointed by the Holy Ghost to cancel your poverty and any form of debt/lack in your life. I prophesy money over your life. Receive money in the name of Jesus. May you receive divine enablement to walk in finan­cial independence. May you be blessed with favour. May the hand of the Lord rest on your finances. May the Lord release prosperity on you. Beginning from today, whatever you do is bound to prosper. I arrest the spirit of business failure in your life. Whatever you touch beginning from today shall prosper. Our God is more than able to bless you with every favour you need in your business. No more poverty in your life. May you receive power to prosper supernaturally in the name of Jesus. Receive power to make it. Receive power to breakthrough financially.

Genesis 13:2 “And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold”. This implies that Abraham was very rich. We are heirs of the Abrahamic blessings. Christ died 14

for the Abrahamic blessings to be the portion of the Gentiles. Jesus has redeemed us from the curse of the law. So it is wrong for the believer to be poor. The Bible scripture above indicates that it is not automatic for the Christian to receive those blessings. There are necessary conditions to be followed in order to enjoy those blessings. Therefore, if those conditions are not fulfilled by a Christian, s/he might be spirit filled, but be the poorest on this earth. According to the Bible, the Abrahamic blessings are yours; hence, you have to believe it, work towards it and become it. Some people do not believe that they can prosper genuinely because of their background. However, your background does not matter if God wants to prosper you. Just believe that you are a child of God so the Abrahamic bless­ings are yours. Just claim and seize them.

Prosperity is a choice. You can choose to be poor, but as a Christian, I admonish you to be prosperous. Even the grace on this ministry does not permit you to be poor. Choose to prosper so that you can be a blessing to countless number of people. Money is the wheel of the gospel; hence, it is very difficult to do the work of God without money. How can you give something to others when you have nothing to give? You cannot give something when you have nothing to give. You are rich from today. Choose to prosper in order to be a blessing to others. Do not defend your inability to prosper by saying that the Bible says that the poor will always be in our midst. I claim abundance upon your life. Receive abundance.15

Luke 6:36 “Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.”

I command you to be rich. Financial reproach is termi­nated in the name of Jesus. I release the resources of God upon your life in the name of Jesus. The grace to prosper and succeed is released upon you now.

Make the following declarations: I receive favour for my finances. (7x) I receive the grace to prosper supernat­urally in the name of Jesus. Wind of the Spirit, go to the four cardinal points of this earth and bring me money in the name of Jesus. Angels of heaven, go to the four cardinal points of the earth and bring me money. Any money that is mine in the realms of the spirit, refusing to come to me; I command you to come to me by force in the name of Jesus. Every blessing that belongs to me in the realms of the spirit, refusing to locate me; I command you to come to me now in the name of Jesus. Every evil servant, riding my horse, come down now. Every evil power, possessing what belongs to me, you are gone forever. (Place your right hand on your head and make this declaration) My crown of goodness for this year, where are you? Appear and locate me now in the name of Jesus.16

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