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A dumbfounding testiomony

//A dumbfounding testiomony

A dumbfounding testiomony

I write to the glory of God that on the 26th of January 2016(my birthday), the devil wished to mar it with sadness of death of my junior brother(God forbid) BUT GOD WISHED IT FOR OUR GOOD. After having had a good time of prayer with MOGPA I WENT BACK TO REST AFTER HAVING HAD A NIGHT SHIFT.NOT KNOWING That very morning one of MY BROTHERS colleagues AT WORK had complained to him about having had a running stomach from Wednesday evening through to Thursday morning.

A colleague of his who volunteered to take the sick colleague and my brother and one police personnel(who had refused go for honeymoon treat after having had married a week ago) who had class used from a night shift and heading the same direction home(Accra-kumasi road). 4(four) colleagues in all set off and because of the environment, vision was not clear. The The sick guy was sitting right beside driver and he saw that there was a cargo truck a few inches ahead. The driver crushed the side against the truck and the car sommersaulted. To the glory of God my brother was the first person to come out of the car miraculously to save his colleagues all from the car. From the pictures, it is a miracle they survived this accident and it is ONLY GOD THAT CAN DO THIS. HE GAVE MY BROTHER A DIVINE ESCAPE AND A MORE REASON TO SMILE AND TRUST HIM FOREVER MORE.

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